An AutoResponder Is Your Most Important Tool...Period.

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That Sounds Great But 100 Autoresponders Will Cost Me An Arm & A Leg

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Dear Internet Marketer

Time is a very valuable commodity and no matter how much you dislike your current J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) please don't think that Internet Marketing is LESS time consuming. . .Yes, its a whole lot of FUN but you'll need the automation tools of the trade in order to break more than just even. - There is no such thing as a free lunch..! I advice, no I implore you to believe me. . .


I mismanaged the first 3 years of my quest for the Holy Internet Grail - I thought I could beat the system paying for nothing and still be making a fulltime income - boy, was I wrong..! My worst mistake was spending countless hours emailing my prospects "by hand" and ended up with a monthly income that made McDonald staff Rich As Rock Stars compared to me.


Now I've been around since 1993 and the MAIN reason for my success is being introduced to the power of autoresponders - nothing, absolutely nothing beats the importance of the timesaving factor of automation of your tedious tasks. - Ok, right now you might have less than 20 contacts that you email offers to - that can easily take 1 minute by hand - each! When you reach 60 contacts then it's one hour of work - You are right in dreading the day you reach 600. . .


Not to talk about the the importance of following up on customers - those proven buyers are pure gold since they already showed you that they are willing to spend money triggered by your emails!



Can You Please HIGHLIGHT Some Specifics For Me?


100 autoresponders for your business. If you’ve got 5 products, set up 5 autoresponders. Do you have 37 email lists too then set up 42 autoresponders - We're not stopping you :-)

365 follow-up messages. Don’t let anyone tell you that 50 follow-ups is the maximum you can email your subscribers. You get to call the shots 365 times and that’s the end of it.

The “I’m On Vacation” Message Scheduler. Plug in the date and time Sunday morning, leave for vacation that afternoon, and trust that your important message will start flying out Wednesday automatically. That’s “hands-free” service!

The Mad Scientist’s Link Tracker. If you need to know what strategies are working and what strategies stunk like a skunk, this bonus built-in ad tracker is your method to test, test, test for immediate, in-demand results.

Live Feeds: If you want to syndicate your newsletter archives through RSS, pushing a button will yield the URL to give away to your website visitors. You also have the option to use our built-in Javascript optin pop-up window generator that makes beautiful popups.

10 “Free To Use” Customizable Fields: Our autoresponder service allows you to set up 10 different customizable fields! So if you want to gather information other than just your subscribers first name, you can do so. Get their last name, address, telephone number – there’s nothing stopping you from collecting all the information you need for your business.

Email Signup - A Keyboard Free Sign Up Process: For people who fear typing and don’t want to fill out forms! Let people sign up for your autoresponder with just a couple clicks of a mouse. Our Opt-In Email Finder will track down their email address for them! Skipping this step will help you grow your lists even faster.

Your Own Personal (Autoresponder) Maid: Have this virtual assistant automatically take one subscriber off one list when he or she subscribes to another – making sure you’re not sending the same message to them twice. And say goodbye to old, abandoned, resource draining email addresses that are bouncing back to you each week. These worthless email addresses are automatically removed from all lists at your request.

No-Hassle “List-of-Subscribers” Generator: You can export your subscribers at any time. Just in case you ever need to move your list to somewhere else, you can do it with just a few clicks of the mouse. It's a lot easier than typing in each address one at a time.

Unselfish Contactor Protects YOU From Spam Complaints. Some people forget that they ever signed up for your autoresponder and will immediately report you as Spam. With our Name, Address, Email, IP Address, Date & Time Stamp Facility you can fight back. No one can accuse you of sending them Spam when you have proof of their subscription.

Personalized “Response-Getter” Mailings: Start each email to your list with, “Dear (subscriber’s name),” The most exciting thing about sending autoresponder messages is the ability to personalize each individual email you send out without any extra effort. If you send out 1,000 emails to 1,000 different people...each email will be sent with a different name in the greeting. “Greetings Joe,” will be sent to the subscriber named Joe. “Greetings Jane,” will be sent to the subscriber named Jane. . .And this is all done automatically.

Send Text Emails, HTML Emails, Or Both: With Unselfish Contactor, you can send HTML messages, text messages, or multipart messages (which are essentially both.) Because different situations call for different tactics, Unselfish Contactor gives you the flexibility to decide when you need to send HTML, and when you need to send text.

Hands-Free List Cleaning Saves Resources: Unselfish Contactor cleans house for you. Often you’ll find that many emails are being sent back to you each time you send out a mailing. This is because people have abandoned their email address. Unselfish Contactor will automatically mark all bad email addresses and remove them from your list.


Instead of "wasting your time" reading about the advantages of automation you're cordially invited to take Unselfish Contactor for a spin.


Can I Tempt You With 100 ARs And Room Enough For 10,000 Subscribers..?


Right Now It's Only $8,67 Per Month - I Don't Claim The Price Is Going Up

But You Can Bank On It's Never Gonna Be Any Cheaper Than Right NOW :-)



And If You Sell Just 2 Subscriptions Your Own Is Better Than FREE For Life




Freeing Up YOUR Time,


JayKay Bak

JayKay Bak - aka The Unselfish Marketer

CEO @ Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.



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